Near the city of Craiova, but without the city’s turmoil and crowd, just a few minutes drive from the central area, the wonderful landscapes that surrounds the Smart Pub restaurant, offers the kind of intimacy that we sometimes hope with so much impatience.


The terrace is the perfect place to enjoy your meal or an open-air drink on the edge of the lake, away from all urban agitation.


The quiet water and the soft breeze among the tree branches, makes the Smart Pub landscape one that conquers all eyes.


We offer not one, but two bars inside. And the masters in the preparation and mixing of beverages are fighting to get some liquors full of flavor for you.


Eclectic décor with scandinavian accents that blend perfectly with rustic style, is the perfect setting for your event.


The view that results from the calm of the lake, surrounded by a lot of greenery, the spacious terrace, the pleasant environment and the friendly staff are the premises of a quality time that you choose to spend with family, your loved one or friends. From the beginning, Smart Pub has meant for us an ideal location for an escapade in nature.

The variety of scenarios and audiences made us take on a design that emanates a contagious energy, that positive vibe that you will feel immediately when you walk in. The place itself has a vibrant personality and offers views that conquer the eyes.


According to the architects who helped us to design this location, the design is based on a contemporary eclectic-industrial style.


Retro lamps have been used to create a welcoming ambience. Beyond that, another important feature is the arrangement of the two bars, one on each floor.

The furniture has a classic design. This includes Thonet chairs and comfortable sofas, both embedded with polished wood. The main attraction of the interior is the 2-meter-long chandelier that makes the visual connection between the levels.


Every day, we are waiting for you to try the dishes made by our chefs, accompanied by carefully selected wines, so that we can get a unique, memorable and tasteful experience.


Smart Pub is the ideal weekend location where you can meet with your friends and take part in a variety of events, ranging from concerts and evenings with DJs, to stand-up comedy shows, theater performances and football matches .


The pictures below are not just simple photos. They are memories and fragments of living moments that help us carry on the story of Smart Pub.