A-La-Carte Restaurant


Smart Pub is not just a relaxing experience, but also a culinary one. Come on, open the menu and let yourself be worn on a quest to delight your senses. With our dishes, we didn’t want to reveal just the taste, but also a splendid aroma, a splendor of colors that conjures your eyes, a fresh and crisp sound that enchants your hearing.

Due to the fact that we wanted to surprise all the smart client types, we chose to create a varied menu that brings together the specifics of several international cuisines without neglecting local dishes. We picked our recipes carefully, some older ones, some newer ones, and we managed to make a story. A delicious story in a menu where harmony prevails.


We like to combine ingredients, to find the perfect harmony between flavors, to enchant your taste buds. Here are some special meals made by Smart Pub.

If you are interested in tasting our dishes, please do not hesitate to contact us.