Smart Pub Restaurant


From the love of gastronomy, passion for harmonious blending of spices and ingredients to conquer any taste buds, we created the Smart Pub Restaurant – a stylish location where fun and relaxation are closely connected with the mood of those who pass the threshold.

The Smart Pub restaurant is a two-level building, originally thought to host a rustic restaurant. But then, we decided that people need rather a contemporary space, less conventional, but welcoming.


From the old idea, we used powerful design elements, such as upstairs wooden pillars and roof structure. But we realized that there was a need for a flexible space that would allow you to have a “gourmet” lunch, but also for organizing live events, concerts or small theater scenes. Said and done.


Because we like to offer our clients diversity and freedom of choice, we have created the following options for them.




Seats on the terrace

Suitable for groups and children

Take-out food or to-go coffee

We accept reservations

We accept clients without reservation


“In this location, the pub, or the inn at Preajba, as I like to call it, I tried to create the ideal place to escape from the agitation and crowd of the city.”


Cristian Dascalu, owner of the location


“Take a seat, admire the view and let it load you with positive energy; allow yourself a relaxing break. We are committed to serve you only freshly prepared dishes and carefully placed food in the plate.


It will take 10-15 minutes longer than you are accustomed to expect an order, but this time allows us to offer you prepared food in real time.


Without semi-prepared foods and de-frozen vegetables; you have the guarantee that the red pepper that complements your “plating” (the way the dish is arranged) was washed, cut and fried, especially to give you an unforgettable experience.”


Chef Gabriel Chitulescu


The pictures below are not just simple photos. There are memories and fragments of living memories that help us carry on the story of Smart Pub.