What makes Smart Pub so special is the uncompromising dedication to the artisanal layout of the hosting, team members working together to give each guest outstanding service and an unforgettable meal. In the kitchen, local products are handcrafted and, since the menu changes seasonally, there are plenty of varieties for the whole team. This makes the restaurant a perfect job for anyone who wants to grow day by day and to make an active contribution to the guest experience with fresh ideas.

Hari Cristian Dascalu


Hari Cristian Dascalu is the owner of Smart Pub Restaurant and has been deeply involved in the restaurant industry for over 20 years. Hari has always encouraged younger talents in the hospitality industry and has given his numerous employees the feeling of gathering at home and not at work, making the Smart team a host you can only indulge.

Daniel Alexandru


The inspiration and passion inspired by it to create unique experiences for visitors and for high-quality food and services have determined the vision of the restaurant's culture. Daniel is a leader in performance with a reputation for integrity, standards and improved operational efficiency. He is responsible for all purchases of beverages, equipment and materials and for managing agreements. Daniel believes that all employees are part of the family and as such are characterized by a living warmth and a great passion for gastronomy. We believe that people are the source of our strength and that teamwork gives the taste of our products.

Deju Cristi


Deju Cristi provides support to the Smart Pub team by purchasing fresh goods from local suppliers, the raw materials used to produce the dishes we are proud of, and developing the quality of the products we offer. He visits periodically potential and current suppliers of fresh products in order to evaluate their work from food safety and quality standards. He participates in all processes of selection, supply, production, control, defacement of food activity within Smart Pub, in order to achieve good, competitive quality products.

Gabriel Chitulescu


Gabriel Chitulescu joined the culinary team at the Smart Pub Restaurant by the end of 2014 and took over as a chef. Fresh local ingredients, classic cooking techniques and Italian heritage inspire Gabriel's menus. As the executive chef of the Smart Pub kitchen, he was remarked for the discipline and the rigorous calculations he applied when it comes to recipes and quantities. He has a special appreciation for beef dishes, which you will often find in his menus.

Cecilia Dascalu


Cecilia Dascalu discovered the love of numbers at a young age, when multiplication and division required losing nights for learning and continuous development. She brought that love of numbers to win a diploma in economics, which led to work in a bank. Cecilia found that she lacked something in her banking experience and continued to spend her free time with various courses and activities such as pastry and then, at the Smart Pub Restaurant she discovered the missing element: a large set of colleagues focused on making the experience of their clients a memorable pleasure, and because culinary preparations were not enough for that, she managed to sweeten customers by making her own cake lab.