A fabulous beef steak

A fabulous beef steak

For a while now, Romanians are attracted to the beef steak, at least so they say the specialists in the field. So we have purchased our own dry case, because the secret of a fabulous beef steak is the maturing of the meat for 3-6 weeks under controlled temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions.

To eat the best beef steak, you first need to know what kind of meat you choose. Maturing involves keeping meat for a long time, for weeks or even months, under controlled conditions, to allow meat to develop its sensory characteristics: juiciness and aroma.

After all the maturation process ends, the steak meat preparation stage begins. Because we are talking about a very good quality meat, the necessary seasoning is made only from salt, the meat does not require any other ingredients to give it a flavor, because it is already very flavourful and it will become very tasty.

For example, at our restaurant we practice dry maturation in-house, starting about 24 hours after the slaughter of the animal, and the duration of storage temperature is one month at 2 degrees Celsius. It’s by far one of the most complex gastronomy processes, and “Red Angus and Black Angus” are two types of high-quality meat.

But even if its quality is superior, it does not mean that you can make the best beef steak if you do not want to mature, which gives a giant contribution to taste and juicyness. And if the two criteria are exactly followed, you will enjoy a fabulous beef steak, either it is at the restaurant or even in the comfort of your own home, because the meat that we mature in the house becomes available for taking away in raw stage.